20.24 Challenge

We challenge all pupils to raise £20.24!

HOW? However you like! Whether that’s….

Something sporty? A sponsored swim, bike ride, walk, run, skip, goals scored, climb or even bounce

Something helpful? Helping with some chores, asking the neighbours if they would like a car wash.

Or even a sponsored read-a-thon, silence, sleepover or even a month without sweets! Whatever you want!

The Class that raises the most WINS A PRIZE

26th April

On this day, there will be a box in your child’s classroom, please put your child’s monies into an envelope with their class on it and how you raised your monies.
(No need for names)

Can’t Keep Track? No Change?

Each class has a QR code, this enables you to “pay as you go” no need to keep track of sponsors, the sponsor can pay directly into the account, and no need to find change! Just make sure you send it to the right class! PLEASE ASK YOUR CLASS REP FOR YOUR CLASS QR

£20.24 is not compulsory, all donations under or over the £20.24 are welcomed and please only donated if you can.