Shape the Future of St James’ Together!

At St James’, your opinions matter, and we’re excited to invite you to participate in two important surveys that will help shape the future of our school events and activities.

Survey 1: Ideal Volunteer Days

We understand that your time is valuable, and we want to make sure our volunteer opportunities align with your availability. Click the link below to share your ideal volunteer days and play a crucial role in shaping the schedule of events that will enhance the school experience for everyone.

[Link to St James’ Volunteer Days Survey]

Survey 2: Event Suggestions

Your creativity and insights are important to us! Click the link below to suggest events you’d love to see at St James. Your ideas will contribute to creating a vibrant and engaging school calendar that reflects the wishes of our community.

[Link to St James’ Event Suggestions Survey]

How to Participate:

Simply click the provided links to access the Google Forms for each survey. Your responses will serve as the compass guiding us towards a school experience that truly reflects the wishes and preferences of our incredible St James’ community.

Together, let’s make St James’ an even more exciting and welcoming place for our students, parents, and staff. Your voice matters, and we can’t wait to embark on this collaborative journey with you!

[Link to St James’ Volunteer Days Survey] | [Link to St James’ Event Suggestions Survey]