Exciting Science – Tuesday 2nd April 2024 – Assembly Hall


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TUESDAY 2ND APRIL 2024 – 2pm

This Brand New, Exciting and educational show will amaze & astound all ages from 4 years & upwards, as we put the “Exciting” back into “Science”(See what we did there!)

With Fun & Fact-filled experiments, watch in amazement as we recreate a volcanic eruption; turn a vacuum cleaner into a missile launcher or take aim at you with our smoke blaster!

 So, stand clear and prepare for action, as this show is full of

Wiz, bang, pop …. And splurt

 Exciting Science – Prepare to be amazed!


This Brand New and Exciting Show featuring loads of amazing experiments from the world of science, is not to be missed.

So, join our crazy scientists as they “Create a volcanic eruption, build an Air Missile Launcher, make mini rockets, and create some pretty big bangs!” …. Live on Stage.

With loads more fun and other experiments to see, this highly interactive show is the perfect way to expand your mind in the world of science.

Who knows, …. the next generation of future scientists could be you.

“Exciting Science” – Who says Science has to be Boring?

Tickets are usually £17.50 each. All seats are one price, if there is a particular area, Stalls, Tiered Stalls or circle you would like to sit in, please make this aware at the time of booking otherwise the closest to the stage will given at the time of us booking.

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